Rides – Kottayam

Rides – Kottayam

If you are looking for a place to give quality entertainment and recreation to your little ones, Lazza I-Drive has it all under one roof. We provide indoor and outdoor physical recreation for your little ones holistic development. Our value proposition makes I-Drive accessible for everybody.
Lazza Entry

LazzaIdrive Entry Fee


Adults - ₹ 150 -------------- Childrens - ₹150

Rides at Lazzaidrive

Pedal Cycles & cars

Ticket - ₹ 50.00 to 150.00

Electric Gokarts & Jeep

Ticket - ₹ 250.00 to 400.00

Swimming pool

Ticket - ₹ 290.00

Water Rides

If you like to play with water, I-Drive has a fun filled water ride just for you enough to keep you entertained for several hours. This water-themed ride is the only well-kept water park in Kochi City. Our superior water filtration process ensures that the water in the pool is crystal clear and absolutely safe for your kids throughout the day.

Car Rides

Our traffic park allows children and adults to drive electric cars on roads that are laid out just like public roads with Zebra Crossings, traffic signals, footpaths, speed breakers, foot over bridges, traffic policemen etc. For those who like to drive their cars on the Fastlane there are elevated roads that provide an addictive driving experience . We have an electric car for all ages.

Soft play

This is a huge soft play area for soft fun with no restrictions on time. The soft play is set out in an area of more than 1000 square feet with multiple levels (3 levels) for maximum fun.


A mini basketball court, moving dinosaurs, trampolines, amphitheatres, a mini football field, etc. are some of the other attractions of the park.

Questions and Answers

Park Timings
11:00 AM to 08:00 PM

You can book unlimited tickets
Ice Creams, Cotton Candy, Popcorn, Cool Drinks..etc

A light amount of outside food is allowed inside the park but since it is a plastic free zone we recommend to not get packaged food. Feeding the animals & Littering in the park is strictly prohibited

We can provide good car parking.

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